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This page contains editions of choral music in the public domain, and some libretti.
Items on this page may be freely downloaded, copied and performed, provided all copyright notices are preserved.

Overture users: it's best to follow words and music through the OVE scores, but best to print from the PDFs.
NOTE!!!! My Overture files will also work in the lower-cost Scorewriter - see sonicscores.com. Overture 4 files don't work in Overture 3.

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Miscellaneous Choral Music (edited by John Kilpatrick)
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Some items (including any set or reset in MuseScore)  use the following icons:    PDF     MIDI      MuseScore     XML


O Vos Omnes (1603)

PDF A Cappella, SAATB, or can be sung SSATB; 2 pages.

O Vos Omnes (1611)

PDF A Cappella, SSATTB; 4 pages.


Pastime with Good Company (1)

PDF   Midi   OVE First version: (recommended): Henry VIII's original version, set STB (or ATB).  All three verses are given, with the lyrics between the staves where singers like to see them.

Pastime with Good Company (2)

PDF   Midi   OVE Second version: The more commonly found "straight" version, possibly favoured because there are fewer consecutive fifths (though a new one has slipped in).  STB or ATB.

Pastime with Good Company (3)
     (arr. John Kilpatrick)

PDF   Midi   OVE Third version:An arrangement by John Kilpatrick. Verse 1 is as per version 1, while verses 2 and 3 are elaborations, SATB and SATBB (or SATTB), but using the original words.


There was a tree
(Hampshire folksong)

PDF   Midi   OVE One of Holst's folksong arrangements for Mixed Voices (SATB), presented here in four pages without piano reduction.

Николае Кедров

Otche Nash
Отче нашъ

 in C         
 in D


The Lord's Prayer in Church Slavonic, for SATB unaccompanied, in C major.. 
This edition of  Отче нашъ is in an Anglicised transliteration. The Midi version is a poor guide to performance: try searching for a recording (they come and go). The MP3 (from a remote single-point recorder) is also not in as free a time as an Orthodox choir would achieve.
I can't include Cyrillic text in the music score. Click here for it.

Our Father
The Lord's Prayer

 in C         
 in D

 in E

Kedrov's Otche Nash set to English words  (version: 1662 Book of Common Prayer).
The PDF is available in C or D or E; D may be  useful for including the setting in sung Responses.


Zwei Geistliche Chöre, Op.115
               No. 1  Beati mortui
               No. 2  Periti fulgem

PDF (both)
Midi   OVE
Midi   OVE
Two motets by Mendelssohn. TTBB. 8 pages. In Latin.
   Beati: 3 pages (1-3)
   Periti: 5 pages (4-8)
English translation of both on back page of Periti.


Sfogava con le Stelle

PDF  Midi  OVE Madrigal by Monteverdi. SSATB.
With translation by Robin Saunders.
Parlante sections realised for performance.  

Si ch'io vorrei morire

PDF in D   Midi  OVE
PDF in C
Madrigal by Monteverdi. SSATB.
Available in D or C. Go for D (C is rather low).

Ave Maris Stella
(a cappella edition)

PDF   Midi   OVE From the Vespers of 1610 (Vesperae beata Mariae Virginis) SATB-SATB.
This version is for performance by unaccompanied choir. The instrumental ritornelli are omitted, and the accompaniment to the solo verses is provided by singers.
Words and translation are in the PDF, and also here.

VESPERS of 1610
Missa In illo tempore

   For complete editions of the Mass & Vespers of 1610, please see this page


Stabat Mater Dolorosa

1.   PDF   Midi   OVE
2.   PDF   Midi   OVE
2a. PDF             OVE
Unaccompanied motet, SATB-SATB.
The two versions are, identical except for the barring. Both barring approaches can be found in other editions, and the bar numbers match those of such editions. Neither version has time or expression markings.
1. A mixture of 2/2 and 3/2 time gives a good representation of the musical flow. 12 pages
2. A consistent 2/2 may be found easier to use (or at least to conduct). 12 pages.
2a. As 2, but larger print. 16 pages.
The midi versions sound identical but would import with the selected barring.


Lay a Garland

PDF   Midi   OVE Beautiful Victorian Madrigal, SSAATTBB. 
Perfectly readable in 4 pages.


Thou Knowest, Lord

PDF   Midi   OVE Motet, SATB. Thou knowest, Lord, the secrets of our hearts.
Set in 3 pages (in rather large print, intended for reduction e.g. A4 to A5).

I Was Glad

PDF   Midi   OVE Motet, SSATB. I was glad when they said unto me. A beautiful anthem.
Set in 7 pages of A4.

The Mavis

PDF   Midi   OVE Partsong, SATB. When as the mavis sweetly sings..... A mavis is a song-thrush.
Set in 2 pages of A4.

If Music be the Food of Love

PDF   Midi   OVE Partsong, SATB. This is not Shakespeare's sonnet of the name - even if inspired by it.
Set in 2 pages of A4.

Fairest Isle

PDF   Midi   OVE Song from King Arthur, arranged for SATB unaccompanied.
Verse 1 Solo with ATB backing; verse 2 Full SATB. Set in 4 pages of A4

Dido's Lament & Chorus

PDF  (Vocal score)
PDF  (Full score)
PDF  (Part set)
Midi  (Lament)
Midi  (Chorus)
From Dido and Aeneas
Arranged for Wind Quartet, Soprano Solo and SATB, comprising:
 - Thy hand, Belinda (Dido's recit.)
 - When I am laid in earth (Dido's lament)
 - With drooping wings (Chorus)

The part set PDF includes parts for flute or oboe, clarinet, french horn & bassoon.
The whole can be sung a cappella, by humming or aah-ing the wind parts in the solos sections.


Jauchzet dem Herren

PDF   Midi   OVE Psalm 100. Unaccompanied 8-part Motet SATB-SATB.<
For "Grosser Chor" and "Kleiner Chor"
8 staves, 12 pages. The barring is the same as in various other editions. 
For words & translation see below.

Cantate Domino

PDF   Midi   OVE Psalm 149, 1-3. 4-part Motet SATB (with bassus generalis).
Presented in Ab, in modern notation, without dynamics. 8 pages.


Remember now thy Creator

PDF   Midi   OVE Anthem for SATB and organ; words from Ecclesiastes xii 1-4,7,8


If Ye Love Me

PDF  Midi  MP3  OVE There are plenty of editions of this anthem on www.cpdl.org. This one differs from the others in that it splits the word "spirit" into two syllables. So this is the one for you if you prefer to use modern pronunciation, rather than early, or a mixture.
This edition is also conveniently paged: two pages with the repeat entirely on the second.


Auld Lang Syne
(collected by Burns)

PDF (all verses) Midi   OVE
PDF (vv 1,5)               OVE
The traditional Scottish air, as recorded by Robert Burns in 1793, harmonised for SATB.
Two PDFs available: one with all 5 verses, the other with only verses 1 & 5.  Same music and same Midi (1 verse).
Click here for Burns's own comments on the words and melody.
"Auld Lang Syne" means "Old Long Since" - remember to pronounce the 'S' accordingly!


Inscriptions for a peal of eight bells
(Thomas Hardy)

PDF   Midi    lyrics For 8 male soloists (TTTTBBBB) and piano. 15 pages (including front cover). 3½-4 minutes.
An unusual piece, requiring a skilled pianist, and singers with personality. The MIDI is as close as one can get, but doesn't really do the piece justice.


The Kiddies' Sing-Song Sketch Book (1943)
(music only)

PDFs and Midis:
  Pied Piper
  Hey Presto
  Mister Tick
  The Mermaid
  Mister Puff
  Miss Muffet
      All in one pdf
The Kiddies' Sing-Song Sketch Book was published with copyright 1943 by Victory Publications (and others). The words and music are by Reg Morgan and Charlie Chester, and were accompanied by illustrations by Charles Cole designed for colouring in with crayon. Original copies of the book can still sometimes be obtained. The pieces here are represented in order, in a form very close to the originals, with a few minor tweaks and corrections. 


John Kilpatrick's miscellaneous music page [top of page] 

Libretti - Words and Translations      DOCs are in Word 1997 or 2003 and should be readable in Word or Open Office


Vespers of 1610
Vesperae beata Mariae Virginis
Vespro della beata vergine

PDF  DOC The Latin words are on the left, and the English translation on the right. The translation is based on the King James bible, but modified to represent the meaning of the Latin. The text is rather closely packed, to fit onto 4 pages. The Word version is in table form, and can therefore be re-paged by the user.
(for Ave Maris Stella only, see here)

New translation for 2010

PDF  DOC A new version with more modern words  - translation by Sara Aguilar & John Kilpatrick.
The words and translation may be freely used. If used unaltered (except layout) please include the authorship heading.
You may use the Word version for layout purposes and make changes to the translation, but if you do this then please remove the authorship heading or modify it accordingly.


(St John Passion)

standard: PDF  DOC
1725:      PDF  DOC
Two of Bach's versions versions are available: the one normally performed and found in most editions, and the 1725 version (for which the differences are included in the Bärenreiter edition).
German words on the left, English on the right. The translation of the biblical texts is based on that by T A Lacey (1853-1931), with some differences where the aim is to represent the German rather than fit the music. The translations of the non-scriptural choruses and arias are by Barbara Kilpatrick. In each version the text takes 12 pages. The Word documents are in table form, so can be re-paged by the user.


Sechs Sprüche

PDF  DOC German words on the left, English translation on the right.
Weinachten - Am Neujahrstage - Am Himmelfahrtstage - 
In der Passionszeit - Im Advent - Am Charfreitage

Translation by Barbara Kilpatrick
The musical score can be found on the Choral Domain Public Library http://www.cpdl.org


Psalm 100
Jauchzet dem Herren

PDF  DOC German words on the left, English translation on the right.
Translation by Barbara Kilpatrick, with the German text translated literally but into plausible English idiom.
For the musical score see above .