Monteverdi Vespers of 1610 & Mass of 1610 
John Kilpatrick's Edition for 2010

See here for information about my performances using this edition Monteverdi-1610-2010
These scores have been set in Overture 4 , with the individual numbers and cover sheets assembled using Fineprint and/or its sister program pdfFactory Pro

This is a performing edition of the 1610 Mass "Missa In illo tempore" for unaccompanied choir SSATTB(B); 
the transposed edition is more suitable for SATB voice ranges; the G transposition has the Alto part in the octave-G (tenor) clef.

Vocal Score 
includes front cover and notes
In original key (C) PDF (516KB) A4, 48 pages  The work is for six voices except  Agnus Dei II which is for seven.
Transposed down to Bb PDF (521KB)
Transposed down to G PDF (527KB)
Back cover (picture) PDF (50KB)  A4, 1 page  
Bassus Generalis B.G. in C PDF (78KB) A4, 12 pages including front cover
If printed as A3/A4 booklet there are no awkward page turns.
Equivalents to original clef changes are included, except in Agnus I where they would be unduly fussy. There no figures in this or the original.
B.G. in Bb PDF (78KB)
B.G. in G PDF (78KB)
Midi Files Kyrie
Agnus I
Agnus II
These MIDI files may be of use to anyone who wishes to create a modified edition, or a keyboard reduction, or whatever. They are in C, and include the bassus generalis, but not the headings, subheadings, intonations, nor the alternative endings to Agnus II. Depending on the package used, they may import with incorrect clefs, tied notes instead of dotted notes or breves (double notes), or other annoyances.

Right-click to save a file; left-click to play it (depending on browser settings).


This is a performing edition of the 1610 Vespers including the 7-part (not 6-part) Magnificat, prepared for performance in 2010 (see above). 
More comprehensive edition details are given here.
This edition may be freely copied and used provided all copyright notices are preserved.
If the translation is used the authorship line should be included (but if the translation altered, the line should be deleted or modified).

SCORE CORRECTIONS: - for a list a changes since these were first uploaded please click here

Vocal Score  Includes front  & translation PDF (1649KB) A4, 142 pages (of which 134 are music) The vocal score includes a 2-staff continuo part comprising the original bassus generalis in the left hand and a mainly chordal realisation in the right.
Back cover (picture) PDF (170KB)  A4, 1 page
Full Score part 1
(nos 1-10)
Includes front cover
For back cover use same as for vocal
PDF (1463KB) A4, 143 pages (music pp 2-141) The above organ staff is also included in the full score
Some sections (e.g. the solo motets) are identical in the vocal, full and short scores, except for the page numbers.
Full Score part 2
(nos 11-13)
Includes front cover
For back cover use same as for vocal
PDF (738KB) A4, 59 pages (music pp 142-197)
Short Score Includes front cover & index etc
For back cover use same as for vocal
PDF (1128KB) A4, 98 pages The "short score" is a version for continuo use. It has  the 2-staff keyboard realisation with essential hints above, and suggestions for organ and harpsichord use.




all string parts except a few cello notes can be played in first position

Cornetto 1 in C
Cornetto 2 in C
Cornetto 3 in C
PDF (148KB)
PDF (146KB)
PDF (93KB)
A4, 15 pages
A4, 15 pages
A4, 11 pages

(Cornetto 3 twice goes below low G)


All the parts have a front cover page, with the music starting on page 2. They are designed for printing as an A3/A4 booklet, or the national equivalent. It may be helpful to print one extra loose page for the instruments involved in the Sonata, as ideal paging has proved elusive.

Trombone 1 bass clef
Trombone 2 bass clef
Trombone 3 (bass trombone)
PDF (117KB)
PDF (109KB)
PDF (94KB)
A4, 15 pages
A4, 15 pages
A4, 14 pages
Violin 1
Violin 2
PDF (178KB)
PDF (179KB)
A4, 15 pages
A4, 15 pages
Viola 1
Viola 2
PDF (100KB)
PDF (102KB)
A4, 11 pages
A4, 11 pages
Cello 1
Cello 2
PDF (143KB)
PDF (89KB)
A4, 16 pages
A4, 11 pages
Recorders PDF (139KB) A4, 3 pages
Continuo PDF (450KB) A4, 35 pages The bassus generalis line without the right-hand realisation, but with hints & cue staves were appropriate. Less "edited" than the short score above. No figures.
Alternative Parts Trumpet 1 in D (cornetto 1 part)
Trumpet 2 in D (cornetto 2 part)
Trumpet 3 in Bb (cornetto 3 part)

Instrument 1 in Bb (cornetto 1 part)

Instrument 2 in Bb (cornetto 2 part)
Trombone 1 in C 8ve-treble clef
Trombone 2 in C 8ve-treble clef

Trombone 1 in Bb treble clef

Trombone 2 in Bb treble clef

PDF (149KB)
PDF (148KB)
PDF (92KB)

PDF (188KB)
PDF (186KB)

PDF (112KB)
PDF (106KB)
PDF (149KB)
PDF (142KB)

A4, 15 pages
A4, 15 pages
A4, 11 pages
A4, 15 pages
A4, 15 pages
A4, 15 pages
A4, 15 pages
A4, 15 pages
A4, 15 pages
Words & Translation The original Latin with an English translation side-by-side
(included in vocal score)
PDF (28KB)
(Word 2003)
A4, 4 pages, mostly in 12-point, reducable to A5 (about 8.5 point). Translation by Sara Aguilar & John Kilpatrick. This aims to use reasonably modern English, and to represent the meaning of the Latin closely, but with some concessions to English idiom.
If using this version, please preserve the authorship line.
An alternative earlier version, in the same layout.  PDF (28KB)
as above Translation by John Kilpatrick in more antique language, based on the King James Bible but modified where necessary to encompass the Latin meaning.

MIDI FILES of the Vespers.
These are midi exports of the 13 sections which make up the Full Score.
I cannot vouch for these importing well into other score programmes; I regret that I cannot at present produce XML files.
Lyrics are present in the midi files, but text such as sub-headings will be missing; so the Magnificat will import with the sections unseparated.
The note values have been set to full length (legato 100%) to reduce problems of quantization when importing; this will, unfortunately, cause

playback not to separate repeated notes (try the opening of Nigra Sum!), and it will in general be lacking in bite.

1. Deus in adjutorium (except for that intonation!)
2. Dixit Dominus
3. Nigra sum
4. Laudate pueri
5. Pulchra es
6. Laetatus sum
7. Duo seraphim
8. Nisi Dominus
9. Audi Coelum
10. Lauda Jerusalem
11. Sonata sopra Sancta Maria
12. Ave Maris Stella
13. Magnificat