Italian Virginals 1981 (refurbished 2019)

This instrument was made in 1981 by John Kilpatrick from a Zuckerman kit (Italian Virginals mk 5), and was sold to a private owner in Sheffield. It was regularly played at home, and also used in concerts over many years with small ensembles, with occasional maintenance visits and tuning by the maker. The owner is no longer able to play it, and the maker has refurbished it and sold it on the owner's behalf to a buyer in Hungary.

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Some photos are on the Friends website, but here is a more complete set.

Front view of instrument with the lid closed

Front view with the flap open and the tall stand in place

Front view with the lid open and the stand in place

Front view showing keyboard

Front view with the lid propped a little open and an alternative stand in place

Another view of the alternative stand
(it's John's design, and can be folded flat)

A side view

A back view

Another back view

Interior: bridge and wrest pins (and tuning key)

Interior: jacks

Interior: bass end
I am no player, and today I am all thumbs, but here is a sample of the
sound of the instrument.