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Keyboard Instruments by John Kilpatrick
(clavichords, spinets, virginals, harpsichords)
Keyboard Instruments by Thomas Kilpatrick
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Keyboard instruments by John Kilpatrick
When I added this section I found that my records were rather flaky, so there is not as much detail as I would have liked.
Apart from one, all these instruments were made from kits, either Zuckerman or John Storrs.

Click on a miniature for a larger picture, or in some cases further information and pictures.

No 1 Storrs Clavichord in Walnut
(in private ownership in Sheffield until 2019; serviced in 2019 and sold to a musician in Netherlands)
No 2 Zuckerman Flemish V Harpsichord; 8'+4'
(original owner believe to have sold it)
No 3 Zuckerman Flemish VI Harpsichord; 2x8'
(in private possession in Amsterdam)
No 4 Zuckerman Fretted Clavichord in D
(in private possession in Tallinn)
No 5 Zuckerman Flemish VIII Harpsichord; 8'+4'
(in private possession in Staffordshire)
1978 05-zf8.jpg (135645 bytes)
No 6 Zuckerman Italian Virginal
(known to have been sold on by original owner)
No 7 Zuckerman Flemish VIII Harpsichord; 2x8'
(sold through early Keyboard Agency)
No 8 Storrs 2-manual Harpsichord
(kept by me for a while, later sold through Early Music Shop, thought now to be in Japan)
No 9 Zuckerman Italian Virginal V
(between 1981 & 2019 in private possession in Sheffield; Refurbished in 2019, and sold in December to a musician in Hungary)
No 10 Zuckerman English Bentside Spinet
(original owner in Sheffield deceased)
1981/2 10-esp.jpg (39246 bytes)
No 11 Storrs Bentside Spinet
(in private possession in Leicestershire)
1982 11-ssp.jpg (39996 bytes)
No 12 Storrs Clavichord in Poplar
(in private possession in Sheffield)
1983 12-clav.jpg (53800 bytes)
No 13 Completion of part-finished Storrs 2-manual Harpsichord
(destroyed in 1996 in a school arson attack)
The number 13 is a later allocation!!
No 14 Storrs 2-manual Harpsichord
(in my possession)
No 15 Own design Unfretted Clavichord
(in my possession) 
No 16 Storrs Bentside Spinet 
The Flemish-style decoration may make this instrument unique.
(in my possession)

Long gap between 1992 and 2013? I hadn't intended to make another, but a started kit became available 
in the form of an offer I couldn't refuse. So, there we are!

Repairs & overhauls

Storrs Triangular Spinet
An instrument made locally: owner deceased. Overhauled, including work on stringing and action, and sold by request.
2005 spinet-2-e.jpg (15017 bytes)
How to make a Leak Light

MORE TO FOLLOW (if I ever get round to it!)



Instruments made by Thomas Kilpatrick
Thomas Kilpatrick (1912-1995) was my father. He heard about harpsichord kits from me, when he had time on his hands after a busy career in the steel industry, and (like me) started to make instruments from them. For reasons that escape me, I have had difficulty in unearthing details of these instruments, and the records below may not be complete.

I would welcome contact from anyone who has (or who has had) a Thomas Kilpatrick instrument (see top right of home page).

Photos where existing, and more information likewise, to be added. The numbering is provisional.

No 1 Zuckerman French Double harpsichord.
(this instrument may have gone to Japan))
No 2 Zuckerman 5-octave clavichord 1976  
No 3 Zuckerman French Double harpsichord.
(sold to private buyer in Sheffield, but since sold on)
No 4 Zuckerman French Double harpsichord.
(sold to private buyer, possibly in Oxford; expected to be sold on soon)
No 5 Zuckerman "Concert" harpsichord (1 manual) 1982  
No 6 Storrs 1-manual harpsichord 1983  
No 7 Storrs bentside spinet
(made for and in the possession of a family member)


Various instruments owned or encountered by me

Other Instruments

Martin Baritone Saxophone
(1934 Handcraft model)

Besson Contrabass Clarinet
in the Bate Collection

Amati Full Boehm Clarinet
model ACL 615
includes link to comparison of Standard & Full Boehm clarinets

Amati Low-C Bass Clarinet
model ACL 692
 includes keywork photos, including of the low notes to C

Leblanc Contrabass Clarinet 
Model 340 - low D

Steel Drum
(a low-C tenor pan from Gill's Steelpan Shop, Trinidad)

An updated Hungarian folk instrument
(of interest to clarinet and saxophone players)

A "portable piano", more like a Celesta