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Once up on a time there were winters in England, and Sheffield used to get snow (and we've had some again - on 18th November 2004, and some in February 2005).
Here are some snowmen from previous years - dates unknown, but before digital cameras were around; and some from the digital camera from Xmas 2004 and more recently.
And now for something a little different: 30/11/2010 & 1/12/2010 - record snowfalls in Sheffield and elsewhere (see item 8).
The fall on 28 Feb and 1 March 2018 may be at an unusual time of year, and widespread and disruptive, but certainly not the deepest in Sheffield as claimed.

Click on any picture for the original size.

1. Snow Dalek (never throw away an old ball-cock!).
Dalek in Sheffield
2. The effect a 2005 Snow Dalek has on a dog.
Dalek and dog
3. The Mayor. It was supposed to look like Ted Heath, but ended up more like Boris Yeltsin.
The Mayor or Alderman
4. Wallace. No Gromit, I'm sorry to say.
Wallace and Gromit without Gromit
5. Christmas Day, 2004, 8.25 am, from our back door. The first White Christmas for many years. It really did look that colour!
christmas snow in Sheffield
6. February 2005. Snow thin and full of leaves and moss. Not quite an Easter Island statue.
easter island snowman
7. Shortly before Xmas 2009 - we had a white-ish Christmas, and plenty of snow later, and then we got molehills under the snow.
sheffield snowman molehills in snow
8. December 1st 2010 - the largest December snowfall in Sheffield "since records began" (1882). During the day I measured 18in, but enough fell later to make it 24in.
18in snow in sheffield snow in sheffield garden
9. January 2013 - another attempt at an Easter Island moai; not quite right yet!
moai snow statue
10. 28/12/2014; Sheffield had a "weather bomb" on boxing day, with traffic stuck and tree branches down. The snow proved difficult to work, and this is the best I could manage (2014  RIP).
11 - 12. January 2015.
On Tuesday 22nd we had a brief "weather bomb" giving us about 10cm of snow. Wednesday remained cold. Thursday brought something of a thaw, and I cleared a path down the garden by making a "millstone" (seen in the bottom left of the picture). On Monday 26th the centre had thawed out, unexpectedly leaving the circular rim only: no human assistance required!
garden with snow millstone thawed millstone
13.  01/03/2018; said to be "worst snow in 30 years". I think not - only 8in on my garden table.
14. 29/12/2020. Not my best snowman, but at least he's wearing the Colquhoun scarf.