Bb & Alto clarinets Full-Boehm and Bass clarinets

Sheffield Clarinet Quartet

Providing music for weddings, functions, corporate events and concerts.

Please note: there have been, and may still be, other performing groups using the same name; 
we are the one in Sheffield.
Our players live in Sheffield (UK) or nearby North Derbyshire, and meet regularly to explore and enjoy the repertoire, 
and are available to give concerts or play for weddings, charity functions, and similar events. 

Our repertoire is varied, from pre-Baroque arrangements through to works from recent times;
our playing is of a high standard, and we aim to make our programmes enjoyable to all.

contact: please use the email address on my home page

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Sheffield Clarinet Quartet No Strings Attached

left to right: 
Anne Huggins  - 
Judith Wallace  -  
Christine Watson  -  
John Kilpatrick

In the picture all are playing standard Bb clarinets;
Judith has beside her an Alto, and John a Bass.




No Strings Attached - at Chesterfield
the quartet in concert - Chesterfield Library Lecture Theatre - January 2011
(we've played there again - May 2012)

the quartet at the Mayor's Strawbery Fizz
Chesterfield Town Hall - July 2011 

No-strings quartet in the Sheffield Winter Gardens
in the Sheffield Winter Gardens - December 2011

a cold hour in Heeley City Farm - December 2012

The band at Festive Fancies
we're all in this somewhere - "Festive Fancies" at Buxton, 2014

at a wedding in Derbyshire - July 2016

Jess Jevon on bass clarinet
Jess played bass at John's son's wedding party, 2016

Contrabass clarinet
though John took over for a piece on the contrabass clarinet

At a local gathering, 2018

Julia played at the wedding of Anne's daughter, 2019

At John's 80 birthday party in 2021 - Julia playing the bass clarinet

Some of us also play saxophones: Anne - John - Julia - Chris

At St Matthew's Church, Carver St, for Sounds of the City- November 2022
click here for video clip

The same