Cuttings from a Nonsense Book - MIDI files

These files are computer versions of the 13 sections of "Cuttings from a Nonsense Book".
The Speaker (narrator) is represented by a woodblock, and is indeed rather wooden in its
realisation. Otherwise, the midis give a good impression, at least, of the general intentions,
and of the tonality of the pieces. They may or may not be suitable for importing into
a score-writing program.

  01 Introduction (Frontispiece & Epigram)
  02 Digital Extremities
  03 Cranial Ambulation
  04 City Flora
  05 My Fancies
  06 Fugue in 24 keys
  07a The Minutes
  07b The Museum of Kisses
  08 The Floorless Room
  09 The Window Pain
  10 The Towel & the Door (and vice versa)
  11 The Purple Cow
  12 Finis
  13 The Proper Exit (encore)