John Kilpatrick's Monteverdi Vespers Recordings.

The Vespers of 1610 was performed by Ensemble MDCX in 2010, first as part of the Buxton Festival Fringe in St John's Church, and later at Ecclesall Parish Church, Sheffield.

These are recordings of the second performance - 25 September 2010.
Please note that both the performance and the recordings are amateur - don't expect too much of them!
They are MP3s of varying in size from under 1MB to over 12MB. Click on the icon to hear the number.

    Deus in adjutorium - intontaion and response
    Dixit Dominus - chorus with soli
    Nigra Sum - tenor solo
    Laudate Pueri - chorus with soli
    Pulchra es - soprano duet
    Laetatus sum - chorus with soli
    Duo Seraphim - tenor duet, tenor trio
    Nisi Dominus - chorus
    Audi Coelum - tenor solo & echo, chorus
    Lauda Jerusalem - chorus
    Sonata sopra Sancta Maria - instrumental sonata with sopranos
    Ave Maris Stella - choruses, soli, & instrumental ritornelli
    Magnificat (complete)

As an alternative to the complete Magnificat, here it is broken down into its separate numbers

    Magnificat anima mea - ensemble
    Et exultavit - tenor duet, altos
    Quia respexit - tenors, wind instruments
    Quia fecit - bass duet, alto, violins in dialogue
    Et misericordia - chorus
    Fecit potentiam - altos, violins
    Deposuit potentes - tenors, trumpets* in echo, violins in echo
    Esurientes -  sopranos, trumpets*
    Suscepit Israel -  soprano duet, tenors
    Sicut locutus - altos, strings and wind in dialogue
    Gloria - tenor duet (echo), sopranos
    Sicut erat - full ensemble

* should be cornetti, of course!

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