Samsonite Briefcase and Purple Cow

Humour in Harmony

An unusual concert based on themes of nonsense and fancy.

Buxton Methodist Church
Saturday 21st July 2012 at 3.00pm


Mission now complete, after the successful performance. Many thanks to those who came to hear us - we have had nothing but good feedback (so-far!); and we got a Fringe Award.

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Sheffield Lydian Ensemble comprised:

Choir - Sheffield Lydian Singers, a mixed choir of 15 voices, plus guest performer Peter Taylor

Instruments - a 5-piece wind ensemble (3 x clarinet, 1 x trombone, 1 x euphonium)
Anne Huggins, Judith Wallace, Chris Watson, Brian Witten, Jim Langley

Directed by John Kilpatrick  

Maid with Purple Cow
The Maid with a Purple Cow before the concert

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The last item in the programme was John Kilpatrick's "Cuttings from a Nonsense Book" on words by Gelett Burgess. This includes "The Purple Cow". Afterwards there were light refreshments, including specially made Purple Cow biscuits.

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Purple Cow Biscuits
Purple Cow biscuits by Peter Kilpatrick